STIX Protective Gear set for Arnis, Kali, Escrima

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Product Description

STIX Protective Equipment Set

( Approved and certified by The Philippine Hall of Fame organization, Philippine Arnis Association under the Dept of Education and Cacoy Canete Doces Pares Organization – Letters of Certification included in the gallery of Pictures)

This include the following equipment

Head Gear, Body Armor, Arm & Foreman Guards, Hand Gloves, Thigh and Shin Guards, Groin guard and a pair of padded Sticks (* choice of Blue or Red protective outfit)

Started in 2008, STIX® takes its name from the word “sticks”, the most common weapon used for the Filipino Martial Art known as Arnis.

STIX® is manufactured by Eljan Ventures, Inc., a Philippine based company founded by martial arts practitioners in the early 90’s. The company aims to help promote and develop sports particularly in the field of martial arts through product excellence. It is their mission to elevate the level of Filipino Martial Art and the newly proclaimed Philippine National Sport, Arnis, by producing equipment and uniform lines with high quality standards available at reasonable prices.

With the future of Arnis in mind, all STIX® products undergo rigorous research and development with continuous consultation & close supervision of renowned Arnis practitioners. Every product was designed meticulously to conform and meet the standards for protection yet allowing players full freedom of movement. Dynamic and innovative in design, STIX® aims to provide each product “that modern look” while preserving the culture of traditional Filipino Martial Art, the art of Arnis.


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