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BLADE: 5160 Carbon steel, selective tempered for machete hardness, grooves signifies the “BATEK/BATIK”(ancient marks/Tatoos Of Maharlikan(filipino) Warrior in Mindanao.

HANDLE: beautifully hand curved  alloy pommel with “Lanote/Lanite”( An ancient wood usually use for “bakya”(sandal) or “Sandok” (laddle) due to its malleable characteristic to wit stand  various climatic condition. A good grip design to hold hand comfortably. Fittings in “Manal”(Chromium steel) and alloy parts

SHEATH: Mahogany, Kiln and cured to aged; Natural finish to show wood grain and authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. beautifully hand curved with “Batek” warrior pattern of the Mindanaoan and a waving rattan to prevent sheath”Sakluban/Kaluban” from splitting .

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Product Description

A large barong from the late 19th to early 20th century and known to be a ceremonial and dress sword.  Sports a bird’s comb (like what is on top of a rooster’s head) usually called as “Kakkatoo”. this barong is a battle ready sword not meant for ceremonial purposes only but with its balance and sharpness it will mean functionality in combat for cut and trust and unbelievably  very good in its size either largo or close quarter. As for farm implement and utilities this barong’s function as a machete that is very effective in jungle clearing for bushes.

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Blade Length :

48.28 cm

Handle Length :

19.05 cm

Overall Length :

67.31 cm

2 reviews for Barong-junggayan

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This weapon is a marriage of Beauty and function. If you use a training barong, it is essential to learn how the real thing feels and moves. This blade is the real thing.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Fantastic craftsmanship and design. This is NOT a wall hanger.It’s authentic styling and quality steel makes this sword a must have. Not to mention the excellent customer service from Mr. Gene Batan, a fellow FMA practitioner. He knows his blades! I highly recommend BCI!

    • :

      Thank you Jeff.

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