Dungon Pimmagay/ Dahong Palay

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BLADE: 5160 Carbon steel, selective tempered for machete hardness, grooves signifies the “BATEK/BATIK”(ancient marks/Tatoos Of Maharlikan(filipino) Warrior.

HANDLE: Parts are beautifully cast aluminum alloy for the guard, pommel and ferrule, with kamagong or ebony inserted in mid section of the grip to comfortably grip it in daily use.

SHEATH: Mahogany, Kiln and cured to aged; Natural finish to show wood grain and authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. beautifully hand curved with “Batek” warrior pattern and a waved rattan to prevent the scabbard from splitting .Built with clips to ensure safety and quick draw of blade, it also serve as a belt loop for the sword. This unique design is a signature product of the bago tribe in the northern Philippines


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Product Description

A version of the *Dungon Bolo is commonly known for its rice-leaf blade shape, called “Natirad/Pimmagay- of the ilocanos and /dahong palay-of the tagalog” This shape is commonly used among Katipunan bolos to cut and thrust in largo range. The blade design is similar to the Turkish Yataghan bolo.

*The Dungon Bolo is named after a place in Northern Luzon between La Union, Benguet, and Pangasinan where Bago tribes had its own blacksmithing industry also. This blade is distinguishable by the fittings in the handle, usually cast in aluminum alloys and the centered grip made of exotic woods like ad-daan , ipil-ipil, or kamagong.

Additional Information



Blade Length :

60.96 cm ( 24 inches)

Handle Length :

15.24 cm ( 6 inches)

Overall Length :

76.20 cm ( 30 inches)


778 gm ( 1.72 lbs)


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