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BLADE: 5160 Carbon steel, selective tempered for machete hardness, grooves signifies the “BATEK/BATIK”(ancient marks/Tattoos Of Maharlikan(filipino).

HANDLE: beautifully hand curved  alloy pommel( matt black finish) with  floral sampaguita crude design. Guard in steel to be tough and to wit stand impact and vibration( in Matt finish).  Grip  in ebony wood, formed  with finger grips to hold hand in comfort . 

SHEATH: Mahogany, Kiln and cured to aged; Natural finish to show wood grain authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. beautifully hand curved with “Batek”  pattern of the maharlikan warrior and entwined with waving rattan to prevent sheath “Sakluban/Kaluban” from splitting .

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Product Description

Ginunting or Pisao in similar name for working  machete in indonesia that sometime come into various types. Period : Post 1900, Katipunan Era . It is  commonly  seen in Negros, Bicol region, and some parts of  Luzon where most of agricultural  products are into sugar cane. The blade curves downwards and edge sometimes concave or with slight belly with a tip much like the scissors’.  its blade design purposes is used for cut and pecking sugar canes. Typically as  a farm implement bladed tool use for sugar canes, and then found its usage for tactical.

As weapon, it is part of the Philippine Marines’ arsenal, useful in clearing vegetation when cruising the jungles, dressing hunt, preparing firewood, and for self defense.  It serves well in close quarter encounters.



Additional Information



Blade Length :

53.34 cm

Handle Length :

17.145 cm

Overall Length :

70.485 cm

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ve owned many swords and cultural knives in my time from wall hangers to fully battle ready live blades. On a scale of 0 to 10 where 5 is a very good wall hanger and 10 is a battle ready blade, the BCI Ginunting/Pisao rates a 8 to 8.5

    It is extremely well made with excellent fit and finish and good materials. The Blade is 21 inches of forged 5160 perfectly ground and nicely polished. The false edge is not sharpened. The main edge easily and cleanly slices paper. The grip is ebony and the sheath is mahogany. The butt is cast aluminum and the fittings are carbon steel.

    What would it take to move it to the next level? The false edge should be sharpened. The butt piece could be anodized instead of painted and the fittings could be blued instead of painted. The grip is well finished and a bit too slippery and needs to be roughed up for serious work. These are not compliants; just comments.

    This blade is a keeper and BCI offers an alternative to TFW, Kahli, and Top Prado. It is a bit more expensive than TFW but appears to be finished better. It is half the price of the least expensive TP blade which are no better finished. The BCI Ginunting/Pisao provides beauty, usefulness, and value.

    • :

      Thank you Malcolm for your comments and suggestions on our BCI Ginunting/Pisao. We will take them into consideration and see if they can be included in our next batch of Ginunting/Pisao.

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