Blade-Culture-USA-favicon All BCI blades are skillfully made. Using a variety of steel, like shock resisting steel or S series, water quench or W- series, oil hardening or O-series steel, to name a few, BCI is highly skilled in adopting to different approaches and methods in forging and tempering. The 5160 Series (which is common today but not readily available at that time, are forged blades tempered to 55-62RC on the hardness scale. Other types of steel are tempered on a different scale. This century proven and tested blacksmithing process adopted by BCI is the same method used in making the Japanese blades and medieval lines. Depending on the blade usage or application we apply either Selective or Spring Tempering.

selective tempering
blade hardens to 62 rc falling to 48 rc

spring tempered
flexible blade from 58-52 rc


5160 Spring Steel

-a High carbon  spring steel usually used for leaf spring. It is a type of steel for general purposes also and can either be air, water, and oil harden

O- series; oil hardening steels

O-series is a general purpose oil-hardening tool steel. It has good abrasion resistance and toughness for a wide variety of applications.

W-series Water Hardening Steel

W-series is a water-hardening tool steel that is easy to machine. Its high carbon content allows it to develop a keen cutting edge. It has a moderate wear resistance.